Vulnerability Assessment

Service Overview

In this day and age, nothing is ever truly gone. Long forgotten votes, indiscretions, and unfavorable media coverage can come back to haunt a candidate — especially if that candidate is unprepared for the attack. Our vulnerability assessment will identify areas of weakness, covering much of the same material we review in opposition research, and help you develop appropriate responses to likely attacks.


Cardinal Associates¬†will provide the client’s vulnerability assessment in a well-organized, fully referenced report, sent via email and available through cloud storage. Supporting documents will be shared through secure access on Cardinal Associates’¬†website or through the client’s choice of popular cloud storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive). We will work with clients to make alternative arrangements, including mailing CDs or thumb drives, as required.

Ongoing Assistance

Merely knowing your opponent’s likely avenues of attack does little good unless combined with appropriate responses. We offer a range of services, including media relations and policy development, to help your campaign from the first day through victory.

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