Policy Development

Service Overview

We can help put your vision to paper, preparing policy statements, conducting issue research, and providing strategic guidance for your campaign, business, or organization. Whether you’re a first-time candidate looking to prepare an issues statement, a seasoned campaigner in need of research, a statement, or a white paper in support of a policy position, or a business or organization in the market for issue analysis and assistance navigating the legislative process, we can tailor solutions to your needs.


In preparing research and policy materials, Cardinal Associates will provide citations for all statistics and claims. We understand the importance of not only getting it right, but being demonstrably so.

Ongoing Assistance

We offer a range of campaign services, from vulnerability assessments to opposition research to communications services, to aid you throughout your campaign. We will work closely with you and your campaign staff, complementing your efforts and addressing needs as they arise.

Discover How Cardinal Associates Can Serve You

Please contact us or request a quote to discuss our range of services and discover how we can take your campaign or organization to the next level.