Cardinal Associates offers a wide range of services for campaigns, businesses, and organizations, including:

Opposition Research
Cardinal Associates will provide a comprehensive dossier on your opponent, detailing biographical material, personal finances, personal voting history, professional history, legal records, legislative record, policy positions, political records, campaign finance, organizational activity, news coverage, social media, and more.

Vulnerability Assessment
In this day and age, nothing is ever truly gone. Long forgotten votes, indiscretions, and unfavorable media coverage can come back to haunt a candidate — especially if that candidate is unprepared for the attack. Our vulnerability assessment will identify areas of weakness, covering much of the same material we review in opposition research, and help you develop appropriate responses to likely attacks.

Policy Development
We can help put your vision to paper, preparing policy statements, conducting issue research, and providing strategic guidance for your campaign, business, or organization. Whether you’re a first-time candidate looking to prepare an issues statement, a seasoned campaigner in need of research, a statement, or a white paper in support of a policy position, or a business or organization in the market for issue analysis and assistance navigating the legislative process, we can tailor solutions to your needs.

Cardinal Associates can help you communicate your message to a broader audience, preparing news releases, developing web content, drafting newsletters, pitching stories to media outlets and blogs, and offering guidance on communications strategy.

Fact Checking
Whether you wish to investigate an opponent’s claim or confirm information for your own materials or speeches (or require assistance preparing a response to media fact-checkers), we are available to analyze claims and return well-documented memos on claims made in ads, mailers, interviews, or on the stump. Fact checking services are also available to businesses and organizations.

Website Development
Cardinal Associates offers affordable, flexible web development for small-to-midsize campaigns.

Other Services
Looking for other campaign or legislative solutions? We may be able to accommodate your requirements.