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In previous posts, we’ve served up some statistics on how Virginia State Senators compared to each other during the 2014 session — but now we’re handing over the reins.  Using the script embedded below, select any State Senator to see a list of how often they voted with each colleague, with the majority of the Senate as a whole, and with the average member of each party.  Then, clicking on the hyperlinked name of any Senator will take you to a table listing each bill (floor votes) on which the two Senators disagreed.

Please allow up to 30 seconds for the script to load. Hastily put together, it is not a model of efficient coding, but it gets the job done. I’ve opened up comments, so feel free to share any interesting findings!

Later this week, we’ll shift our focus from legislators to committees, delving into statistics on which committees are the most (and least) partisan, which kill the most bills, which draw the strongest member participation, and which methods each favor in dispensing with legislation, among other facts and statistics.

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