Announcing Cardinal Associates

Today, we’re pleased to unveil Cardinal Associates, a Virginia-based consulting firm serving Republican candidates and conservative causes. Drawing upon campaign, legislative, and policy experience, we offer comprehensive opposition research and vulnerability assessment services, assist campaigns and organizations with issues research and policy development, and help campaigns communicate effectively, all at highly competitive rates.

But enough of that. This isn’t a blog about our services, though they’ll certainly come up from time to time. This is a blog about political data.

We’re political junkies; that’s why we do what we do. And when we’re not assisting a client, we like to crunch numbers and take a closer look at political dynamics here in Virginia and throughout the country. That’s why the primary focus of this blog is sharing political data and analysis.

We’re building powerful databases that will allow us to generate comprehensive reports on legislative votes, campaign finance, and other matters. And from time to time, we like to dip into those databases to satisfy our own curiosity. This blog is a chronicle of our findings — interesting data and statistics on elections, voting patterns, campaign finance,  and so much more.

Cardinal Associates

We’ll start things off with a series of posts taking a look at the Senate of Virginia during the 2014 session, teasing out findings that will (we hope) provide insight into the General Assembly as a whole, not just one chamber during one session. From there, who knows? We have quite a bit on the drawing board, and we welcome your suggestions for future subjects of exploration as well.

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We appreciate your interest in Cardinal Associates and look forward to serving you.

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