About Us

Cardinal Associates is a Virginia-based consulting firm serving Republican candidates and conservative causes. Drawing upon campaign, legislative, and policy experience, we offer comprehensive opposition research and vulnerability assessment services, assist campaigns and organizations with issues research and policy development, design campaign websites, and help campaigns communicate effectively, all at highly competitive rates. We work individually with each client to develop a package of services tailored to their needs. Click here to learn more about our range of services.


Jared Walczak
Jared has managed and consulted for statewide, General Assembly, and local campaigns, run a statewide campaign’s policy shop, and served as a legislator director to a member of the Senate of Virginia. He has also written white papers and editorial content for policy organizations.

Suzanne Obenshain
Suzanne has worked on and advised campaigns for many years, including serving as regional youth coordinator for a presidential campaign right out of college and later serving on the staff of a gubernatorial campaign.

Partial Client List
  • Republican Governors Association
  • Larry Hogan for Governor
  • Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate
  • Virginia Senate Republican Caucus
  • Bryce Reeves for State Senate
  • Dave Foster for Delegate
  • Ted Byrd for City Council